Human Rights 365

Episode 12: Pride week and LGBT Rights

The Pride week and LGBT Rights, Mr. Srun Sron- CamASEAN; Ms. Chhoeung Rachana- Micro Rainbow International; and Mr. Say Seaklay – ROCK (Khmer Language live on 19 May 2015)

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Episode 11: The work of Inter-ministerail Resettlement Committee in Relation to Development

The work of Inter-Ministerail Resettlement Committee in Relation to Development. Mr. Nhean Vannak- Ministry of Economic and Finance and Mr. Am Sokha- Community Legal Education Center (Khmer Language live on 21 April 2015)

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Episode 10 (Freedom of Association - LANGO)

Draft Law on Associations and Non-Governmental Organizations (LANGO), Mr. Soun Bunsak of the Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee (CHRAC) and Mr. Mi Nac of Cooperation Committee for Cambodia (CCC). (VOD, 7 July 2015). Listen to perspectives of civil society organizations and parliamentarians on the draft LANGO, and the work of the National Assembly and its Commissions in scrutinizing the draft approved and submitted by the Council of Ministers.

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Episode 9 (Access to Information)

Access to Information, H.E Meas Sophorn, undersecretary of state of the Ministry of Information and Mr. Phan Phorp Baromey of the Advocacy and Policy Institute (API),  (VOD, 9 June 2015).
Listen to the importance of freedom to access to information.

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Episode 8 (Freedom of Association)

Freedom of Association, Mr. Am Sam Ath of LICADHO and Mr. Theng Savoeun of Farmer Association (VOD, 12 May 2015).
Listen how the freedom is legally guaranteed and bound by relevant national and international laws to respect, protect and promote human rights, and the importance of freedom in joining and creating a dynamic democratic society.

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