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SRSG to present his latest report in Geneva on 19 March Fri 31 Jul 2015

04 March 2008 - The Special Representative of the Secretary-General for human rights in Cambodia, Professor Yash Ghai

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Two UN bodies to consider Cambodia's human rights record in 2009 Fri 31 Jul 2015

15 February 2008 - The Geneva-based committee charged with monitoring implementation of the International Convenant on...

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Khmer Rouge victims participate in ‘historic day’ at ECCC Fri 31 Jul 2015

04 February 2008 – Cambodians who suffered under the rule of the Khmer Rouge participated for the first time today in the Extraordinary Chambers trying the movement’s leaders.Read More »

Cambodia votes for new Declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights Fri 31 Jul 2015

13 September 2007 - Cambodia was amongst the 143 member states that voted for the new Declaration on Indigenous Peoples' Rights which was adopted by the United Nations General assembly in New...

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SRSG finishes fourth mission to Cambodia Fri 31 Jul 2015

10 December 2007 – The Special Representative for human rights in Cambodia ended his fourth mission to the country today. He earlier took part in celebrations at Wat Phnom to mark...

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Letter from MoFAIC to OHCHR on 18 May 2015 responds to UN joint op-ed on draft LANGO Mon 18 May 2015

PHNOM PENH (18 May 2015) – The Cambodian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation (MoFAIC) responded to an op-ed – written jointly by the heads of OHCHR, UNICEF, UNFPA and UN...

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