PHNOM PENH (22 December 2015) - OHCHR supported the organization of a multi-stakeholders meeting on “Strengthening dialogue between stakeholders in the Busra area” which took place in Busra, Mondolkiri, on the 22nd of December. The meeting, convened by the community representatives of the “tri-partite committee” (a committee composed of representatives from local authorities, the Bunong indigenous community and the Socfin company), brought together over 50 participants, including all members of the tri-partite committee, several national and local civil society organizations as well as OHCHR. The main objective of the meeting was to enable dialogue between all stakeholders having projects related to or impacting indigenous peoples’ rights – including land rights and cultural rights – in the Busra area in order to create new synergies and avoid duplication. This meeting was the first of a series of meetings, which will take place every 3 months, and will enable a concrete follow-up by all actors of the commitments taken and support pledged to the community.