Youth and Human Rights

Human rights of youth briefer 

Youth Human Rights Champion Competition 2020

This year, the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights in Cambodia has selected six teams to participate in our Young Human Rights Champions competition. The competition aims to engage and recognize young people’s contributions to the promotion and protection of human rights and accountability and towards development and peace.
Watch how our young human rights champions contribute to human rights in Cambodia:
I can become who I want to be
We all have the right to live free from discrimination
A from of discrimination that is often overlooked 
Are you a first time voter?
Protect the rightss of migrant workers
Nothing about us without us

Youth Human Rights Champion Competition 2019

UN Human Rights Cambodia, in partnership with CIYA, CRC-Cambodia, CVS, CYN and YCC, and under financial support from the European Union co-organized the Youth Human Rights Champion Competition to recognize and show appreciation towards young people who have so far promoted or tried to promote human rights through civic participation in their communities or in society.
Watch how our Young Human Rights Champions promoted their right to participation in Cambodia:
Messy electric wires on the street: Can it be solved?
No youth should abandon their studies because of their living conditions and culture!
Rethinking mob violence!
How does violence affect children?
Let's talk about politics in learning institutions
Interested to know more about human rights?
Watch our short animated videos below:

What are our rights?
How are our human rights connected?
Who should protect our human rights?
Can our human rights be taken away?
How am I protected under international human rights law?

Watch our video series on Human Rights Explained:
Human rights explained;
Democracy explained;
Human rights violations and mechanisms explained.

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