UN Human Rights Council

GENEVA (13 June 2016) – The UN Human Rights Council, the body of the UN responsible for the protection and promotion of human rights, has set up unprecedented processes for the scrutiny of human rights issues and situations. It has initiated vital investigations into new crises and chronic violations, and formulated crucial recommendations. Its embrace of civil society is unmatched by any forum in the UN system, and this mobilization of expertise, awareness-raising and reporting contributes greatly to the Council’s relevance. In today's world of turmoil, we see signals of faltering commitment by States to fundamental human rights norms. As the world’s most authoritative forum on human rights, it is vital that the Council intensify its focus on what matters: improving implementation of human rights commitments on the ground. A new video looks at the UN Human Rights Council’s achievements and impact in people's lives around the world and is released on HRC’s tenth birthday. Watch the video in English.