OHCHR-Cambodia/Vineath Chou

PHNOM PENH (23 November 2016) – ​The Ministry of Justice and OHCHR convened a meeting of the Technical Working Group on Legal and Judicial Reform, attended by representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Supreme Council of the Magistracy, the Royal Academy of Judicial Professions, and interested development partners and civil society organizations. The meeting focused on reviewing the progress toward the joint monitoring indicators, as well as recent developments in the implementation of the Law on the Organization of the Courts and other initiatives led by the Ministry of Justice, such as the establishment of regional Appeals Courts, the establishment by law of a procedure on legislative drafting and the status of the draft laws on clerks, bailiffs and notaries. The criminal case management database, now installed in 6 courts, was highlighted as a useful tool that brought greater transparency to the judicial process and better guarantees "equality of arms" between prosecutors and defendants; OHCHR plans to incrementally expand the database to all courts by 2019. Assistance was sought to advance on non-custodial sentencing. The TWG/LJR agreed to embark very soon on the localization of the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly on Goal 16 on peace, justice and inclusive institutions. Informative discussions were held among participants on how to increase cooperation aimed at improving judicial services and access to justice.