Briefing at the Pear Reang district. OHCHR-Cambodia Photo/Nary Khut

PHNOM PENH (31 August 2016) – Today, OHCHR and the Prey Veng Prosecutor’s Office completed the latest series of joint briefings for local law enforcement officials from the police and the gendarmerie, on rights upon arrest and the prevention of torture and ill-treatment at district police stations. Who can arrest or hold suspects? How long can police custody last? What are the rights of persons upon arrest? Can a suspect be questioned at night time? Should someone be compensated if detained unlawfully? What interrogation methods are lawful and which ones are prohibited? These were some of the questions that more than 340 local police and gendarmerie officers based in Prey Veng province got responses to, thanks to the four briefings held at the district police stations of Pear Reang, Svay Antor, Kamchay Mear and Mesang districts, for a total of 168 officers held on 30-31 August and the earlier briefings in July and early August that benefited another 178 officers from Preah Sdach, Kampong Trabek, Kanh Chreach and Sithor Kandal districts. This collaboration is aimed at improving the capacity of the local police and gendarmerie officers to respect and uphold the laws of Cambodia, including international human rights laws that Cambodia is party to.