OHCHR Photo/Maly Seng

PHNOM PENH (3 JUNE 2016) - OHCHR supported the organization of the second multi-stakeholders meeting on "strengthening dialogue between stakeholders in the Busra area", which took place in Busra, Mondulkiri, on 03 June 2016. The meeting brought together over 60 participants, including all members of the existing tripartite committee (a committee composed of representatives from local authorities, elected indigenous Bunong representatives and the Socfin company), representatives from the Dak Lak company, GIZ, several national and local civil society organizations, academics and OHCHR. The main objective of the meeting was to pursue the dialogue engaged in at the first multi-stakeholders' meeting, which took place in December 2015, on indigenous peoples' rights - including land and cultural rights - in the Busra area in order to ensure a transparent sharing of information and the creation of synergy. During the meeting, all parties (local authorities, both companies and indigenous representatives) were able to share their progress and expectations with regard to the resolution of existing land disputes and to discuss possible joint development projects. GIZ, who recently started measuring both conflicting and non-conflicting land in the area, presented its work and how this mapping exercise could be useful for a mediated resolution. The representative of the NGO CIPO also presented the results of their survey of over 600 families in the Busra commune regarding land issues, highlighting the main challenges faced by the affected families. Commitments and pledges were made during the meeting, which will be followed-up during the third multi-stakeholders' meeting to take place in October 2016.