OHCHR-Cambodia/Bophal Keat

PHNOM PENH (9 December 2016) –  Speaking at a Human Rights Day event hosted by the EU delegation, OHCHR-Cambodia Representative Wan-Hea Lee reflected on the state of inequality in the world and the Sustainable Development Goals. She highlighted the revelation that 1% of the world's population now owns the equivalent of the wealth of the rest of the world combined, declaring that "We are in the midst of an inequality crisis, and we didn’t get here by accident." 
In her keynote statement, Ms. Lee stressed the importance of the development field being reunited with the human rights normative framework under the SDGs. “If we understand better how we got here, we will see better how to remedy it… The 2030 Agenda... is, in large measure, an agenda for equality." She underscored that "It is the human rights lens that will ensure that this time around, we will leave no one behind.”

Read her full statement in English and Khmer.