Economic and Social Rights

Preserve the Lands of Cambodian Indigenous Peoples

UN Human Rights is advocating for the simplification of the collective land titling process in Cambodia by suggesting amendments to the current legal provisions governing the collective land titling registration, which enable the productive participation of indigenous peoples in the process. The suggested reforms ensure cost effectiveness and propose reasonable and less cumbersome steps for indigenous communities to obtain a collective land title. Join us in advocating for the simplification of the collective land titling process in Cambodia to help preserve our unique culture and history.

Information of the local land concession

This video provides some essential information to help poor Cambodians who do not have or lack land for house construction or family farming understand the local social land concession program and the requirements to apply for this social land concession.

How to get legal aid if I am a person with disabilities?

Legal services are complicated and expensive, which makes it difficult for persons with disabilities to access them. Legal Aid of Cambodia provides free legal support and defense lawyers to ensure everyone gets equal access to justice. Mr. Choun Pirun, a member of this organization, explains how this process works.

Why is it difficult for persons with disabilities to access justice?

Mr. Pic Saroeun from the Battambang Disabled People Organization (BDPO) explains the challenges persons with disabilities face when trying to access justice. Organizations like BDPO help persons with disabilities understand the legal process and ensure a fair trial.

No human deserves to be chained-up

Did you know that some persons with psycho-social disabilities are chained by their families?

Life in prison with disabilities

In a world built for people without disabilities, some places are even worse than others.As a person with a physical disability, Mr. Sophea was sent to prison and had to face challenges doing things other detainees took for granted, like using the restroom or getting to court. Everyone deserves equal access to justice.

Seeking justice for my daughter

This is the story of a young girl with disabilities and her mother seeking justice after being the victim of a crime. They were both ignored until Legal Aid of Cambodia and UN Human Rights provided them support.

Access to justice for persons with disabilities

UNGP Reporting Framework: Salient Human Rights Issues

This short introductory video explains a key concept of the UN Guiding Principles Reporting Framework: salient human rights issues. The video was produced by Shift and Mike Baab. Learn more about the UNGP Reporting Framework and salient human rights issues at and about Mike Baab at

A step forward – on Cambodia’s process of indigenous identity recognition

The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples states that “Indigenous peoples have the right to the lands, territories and resources which they have traditionally owned, occupied or otherwise used or acquired.” In Cambodia the legal framework establishes a way for Indigenous People to obtain a communal title to their ancestral lands. This video describes the first of the 3 steps of this process, namely the recognition of the Indigenous People Identity of a community seeking a communal land title.

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