Human Rights Day 2020

Final paintings for human rights day 2020

Chhen Rathana paints from his imagination to educate people to conserve nature, understand all living organisms--- animals on land and underwater and nonliving organisms that exist in this world.

Write your own history of right to create

Every participant, every rights holder, thought leader, artist, facilitator, and student came together with positivity and empowerment to write a new history for human rights, especially for our beautiful Cambodia. We hope everyone that saw the Build Back Better music video will be inspired to utilize their RIGHT TO CREATE and write their own history. Your voice matters. Our voice matters.

A collective of 72 exceptionally creative human rights paintings

A variety of artists from all over Cambodia, together with the amazing student artists of Phare Ponleu Selpak and Phare Visual and Applied Arts School have painted a collective of 72 exceptionally creative human rights paintings. To celebrate 72 years of human rights history!

Hear about our workshop on music video from the rights holders

Want to learn more about our workshop? Hear about it from the rights holders themselves. Rights holders include people from the LGBTI community, elders, youth, people with disabilities, indigenous people, women, public health workers, environmentalists, people from ethnic minorities and poor people.

Medha performance

Medha’s super-power drumming is the beat behind the track. Wow! Amazing Cambodian women standing up and playing hard for their RIGHT TO CREATE a better world!

Cambodia builds back better

Here it is!! The biggest, best, most mind-blowing music video of the year!! Now in these difficult times, we cannot lose hope in our power to create our own future. Let's join hands to embrace our universal human right to survive and build back better.

Human Rights Day 2020_VIP Video

Today, in these difficult times, we are celebrating this historic creation by affirming our RIGHT TO CREATE a better world, no matter how hard it gets: IN SONG. AND DANCE. WITH ART. Happy 72nd Human Rights Day everyone!

Human Rights Day 2020

United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet's message to mark Human Rights Day 2020, on December 10.

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