Youth and Human Rights

A form of discrimination that is often overlooked

Formerly detained persons are often victims of discrimination. Let’s help them become contributing members of society after they’ve served their sentence.

Protect the rights of migrant workers

Did you know that some migrant workers face human rights abuses? Nevertheless, there are ways to protect them. Watch this short video to find out how.

We all have the right to live free from discrimination

Sometimes our background or family history is the target of discrimination. Watch the story of young Srey Leab and see how this affected her.

Human rights violations and mechanisms explained

Watch our video series on human rights explained.

Democracy explained

During the Khmer Rouge regime, Cambodia was called "Democratic Kampuchea", but was it really democratic? Check out our video to find out! Jany Min will walk you through our lesson about democracy.

Human rights explained

Watch our video series on human rights explained.

How am I protected under international human rights law?

You don’t have to be a law student to learn about laws! Get to know international human rights law in this one-minute video!

Can our human rights be taken away?

Somebody wants to take away your human rights? No way! However, there are a few situations where your rights can be restricted. Get to know that one exceptional case in this one-minute video!

Who should protect our human rights?

If human rights were a video game in the 90s, they would look like this!

How are our human rights connected

Did you know that human rights are divided into two major groups? ✌ 1. Civil and political rights 2. Economic, social and cultural rights Get to know these two groups of rights in this one-minute video! -- Human rights are not necessarily hard to digest. Look around your surroundings and you will see that human rights are all around you! Inspired by simple daily things, this video is created as part of a series of five animation videos about human rights.

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