Trial monitoring

Trial monitoring is part of the wider human rights monitoring carried out  by OHCHR Cambodia. The aims of trial monitoring are to track progress on specific cases of interest and to carry out a broader analysis of the administration of justice, including the actual functioning, qualifications and training of all relevant court and law enforcement officials and personnel. Through trial monitoring, OHCHR observes the level of respect for due process in the administration of justice, and in so doing, it encourages the tribunal under observation to provide a fair trial, and apply national and international human rights law in national court proceedings. The presence of a monitor at a trial indicates that the tribunal is under scrutiny and, in this way, may positively influence the tribunal’s conduct. In addition to its protection purpose, trial monitoring is useful in enabling OHCHR to make targeted recommendations for improving the administration of justice and inform its advocacy efforts in this area. Trial monitoring enables the Cambodia office to identify problem patterns and issues in the court system and propose practical solutions through meetings, workshops and trainings.