2009 review

Cambodia was first reviewed under the Universal Periodic Review process in December 2009. At the end of its first review, Cambodia received 91 recommendations from other States and accepted all of them. The first cycle of the UPR process ended in October 2011, after all 193 UN Member States were reviewed.

Date of consideration: 01 December 2009, 15:00 – 18:00

National report (submitted by the Government of Cambodia to the Human Rights Council): English

Corrigendum to national report: English 

Additional information submitted by the State is available here in English only. 

Compilation prepared by OHCHR: English

Detailed submissions for the compilation of UN information are available here in English only. 

Summary of stakeholder's information: English 

Detailed submissions for the summary of stakeholder's information are available here in English only. The views and/or opinions expressed in the contributions are those of the contributing organizations and do not reflect in any way the views and/or opinions of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

List of Cambodia's existing commitments related to Member States' UPR recommendations: English | Khmer

Outcome of the review

Report of the Working Group on Cambodia and full list of UPR recommendations: English | Khmer

Decision adopted by the Human Rights Council of the outcome of Cambodia's UPR: English

Report of the 13th session of the Human Rights Council (outcome of Cambodia's UPR, p. 75; Cambodia's consideration of the UPR outcomes, p. 131): English

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