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Other reports related to human rights issues and Cambodia

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State of Press Freedom in Cambodia
3 August, 2022

Study on the Human Rights Situation of Communities Living in Resettlement Sites in Cambodia and Draft Resettlement Guidelines

Report of the Special Rapporteur on the rights of indigenous peoples

United Nations Human Rights Report 2019

Sixth periodic report submitted by Cambodia under article 18 of the CEDAW
9 July 2018

Assessment of the Credit Opportunities for Indigenous Communities in Cambodia Holding a Collective Land Title
October 2018

PEOPLE'S COURT Preventing and responding to “POPULAR JUSTICE” in Cambodia
18 July 2019

Assessing the Impact of Social Land Concessions on Rural Livelihood’s in Cambodia

Experiences of Gender-Based Violence in Urban Poor Rental Housing Communities of Phnom Penh Report
February 2019